Our Professional Staff

All Families, Inc. counselors are experienced in family issues and possess several years of experience working with children, couples, and families. All staff are provided ongoing training and supervision, and many counselors have specialized knowledge in child development, mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, adolescence, school problems, and delinquent behavior.

Across the 20 counties, Families, Inc. serves, we have professional staff and respite providers.

Mary Kay Townsend, LISWExecutive Director
Amy Gosnell, LISWSupervisor/Program Specialist
Karla McKillip, Office Administrator
Jennifer Hahn, HS-BCP, BSNorth East Iowa Coordinator

Sheila Gluesing, LISWSupervisor/Licensed Counselor
Laura Kirkman, LISWSupervisor/Licensed Counselor

Licensed Professionals
Kimberly Gamm, LMHCLicensed Family Counselor
Elise Healzer, LMFTLicensed Family Counselor
Melinda Hibbard, tLMHCLicensed Family Counselor
Jenna Michler, LMFTLicensed Family Counselor
Kathy Moon, LMHCLicensed Family Counselor
Cliff Rappoport, LMSWLicensed Family Counselor
Kelly Thomas, LMHCLicensed Family Counselor
Anne Ventullo, LISWLicensed Family Counselor

Office Staff
Jennifer Alexander, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Deborah Owen, Administrative Assistant
Alexis Ward, Administrative Assistant
Professional Staff
Tracy Baker, BAFamily Counselor
Patty Barnes-Malmstrom, BSFamily Counselor
Tanya Buckley, Family Support Worker
Luann Cady, Family Support Worker
Audra Diederichs, BAFamily Counselor
Stefanie Dingbaum, BAFamily Support Worker
Alyssa Dlouhy, MSWFamily Counselor
Rachael Dooley, BSTracker
Bruce Ferguson, MAFamily Counselor
Heather Frese, BSFamily Support Worker
Julie Gibson, BAFamily Counselor
Steve Harford, BAFamily Counselor
Oscar Hubert, Tracker
Joyce Johnson, BAFamily Counselor
Nicole Johnson, Family Support Worker
Pharris Jones, BSFamily Counselor/Tracker
Elizabeth (Erin) Kelley, BAFamily Support Worker
Jillian Kennedy, BSDiversion Counselor
Laura Keuter, BAFamily Support Worker
Jessica Lehane, BAFamily Counselor
Kristina Lovan, BSFamily Counselor
Susannah Middaugh, BSFamily Counselor
Kevin Morgan, Family Support Worker
Lisa Morgan, BAFamily Counselor
Alisa Nelson, BSFamily Support Worker
Erin Pershall, BAFamily Counselor
Joseph Quinn, BAFamily Counselor
Jerilee Ramos, BAFamily Counselor
Brooke Reynolds, BSFamily Counselor
Kaitlyn Robinson, Family Support Worker
Morgan Schneider, Family Support Worker
Erika Smith, BSFamily Counselor
Brendan Spengler, BAFamily Support Worker
Nicole Staley, BAFamily Counselor
Emily Swailes, BSWFamily Counselor
Natalie Wheeler, BAFamily Counselor
Emma Wolf, Intern
Maurice Woods, BATracker
Trameka Woods, BA, MSFFT Lead